Dr. David Borst

“After nearly 18 years of service, Dr. David Borst, Dean of the School of Business Administration, left Concordia to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. Under his leadership, the School of Business Administration enjoyed tremendous growth in enrollment, programs, scholarships and reputation.”
—Concordia University Annual Report

Dr. David Borst is the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Family Business Legacy Institute. Prior to joining FBLI as the founding director and board member, Dr. Borst served the last 18 years at Concordia University, the last six as dean of the School of Business Administration. Dr. Borst left CUW in December to run multiple businesses under his label of borstthebrand.com. A serial entrepreneur, he has taken numerous businesses to the heights of success and national recognition. Dr. Borst serves as the liaison between the strategic partners, the board, and member families at FBLI.