Educational Services

Dr. Borst has taken several moribund programs and turned them around to be profitable, yielding millions a year in net revenue. He has grown these same programs to become recognized as tops in the region, nation, and internationally. If you are an international student, his services can work for you, assisting in recommending the best programs to apply to academically or just to understand the educational landscape. If you are an academic service provider, you can hire him to assist you in developing your programs to turn them from ordinary to extraordinary. If you are a college or university concerned about your future, he can help turn your school around. His contacts internationally can work for you, and his understanding of the domestic academic arena, can make a difference in making a profit.

Dr. David Borst Teaching

Educational Services provided:

  • Assist international students and their families with the American educational application process including application
  • Assist educational service firms such as recruiters and educational institutions with finding suitable American tie-ups.
  • Facilitate agreements between entities including the sale of universities and colleges.
  • Assist students with their cram school needs by providing expert tutors in a variety of disciplines.

Public Speaking

From emceeing your event to interviewing, Dr. Borst has done it all. His weekly radio show demonstrates his ability to produce and star, while dealing with challenging topics. Dr. Borst has the ability to reach an audience using humor and an intellectual flair that is uncommon in the public speaking world. See and hear samples from his programs and consider hiring him for your next event. He is equally adept at live programs, polical commentary, humourous bantering, or hard hitting question and answer sessions. He has been around the world presenting on such diverse topics as the European Union, the transition of Chinese students to the american classroom, and American Foreign policy in the Kashmir of India. Services available:

  • Emcee your corporate or social event
  • Radio or televison commercial
  • Lead a panel discussion
  • Facilitate a meeting
  • Teach a topic (background includes economics, finance, economics, international relations)
  • Speak on a specific topic

See samples of his work.

King of Squares

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Dr. David Borst is the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Family Business Legacy Institute. Prior to joining FBLI as the founding director and board member, Dr. Borst served the last 18 years at Concordia University, the last six as dean of the School of Business Administration. Dr. Borst left CUW in December to run multiple businesses under his label of A serial entrepreneur, he has taken numerous businesses to the heights of success and national recognition. Dr. Borst serves as the liaison between the strategic partners, the board, and member families at FBLI. Read more »